Hotmail Download For Free is a popular web-mail service owned by Microsoft which was launched as MSN Hotmail, later updated to Windows Live Hotmail. In 2013, Hotmail was replaced by Hotmail keeps you updated with your emails, instant messages and other services provided by Microsoft. Hotmail download used to refer to hotmail messenger download but messenger retired in 2013 and is no longer available. But you call still send instant messages and make audio and video calls like hotmail messenger.

In this hotmail download article, two ways to do so are explained below:

  • In this method, you no longer need to download any software to use services that used to be provided by hotmail messenger. Without hotmail download you can instant message your friends by enabling simplified messaging application that opens from within hotmail. You just require hotmail account for that.

By following these simple steps, you can enable hotmail messaging service:

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. If you don’t have a hotmail account, create one and add some contact to your Windows Live Contacts list.
  3. But if you already have hotmail account, sign into your account.
  4. Click the Messenger tab on the top right of your screen.
  5. Click “Sign in to Messenger” through which you will be signed into the service and your list of contacts will automatically open up as long as your friends have already confirmed your friend request.
  6. Then you can start using the features of what used to be called hotmail messenger by simply using hotmail’s website without the need of hotmail download. If you’ve connected Windows Live to Facebook, all your Facebook friends will be included in your Contact list in Messenger.
  • Another way is to use Skype for making audio and video calls, instant messaging for free without hotmail download – your hotmail contacts will come with you when you update to Skype and sign in with your Microsoft account. So you just have to download Skype to use all those features and even more that used to be on hotmail messenger.

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